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We offer only rt-PCR tests
because they are the most accurate

When "same day" results are NOT fast enough

rt-PCR with standard result delivery

rt-PCR test with results delivered within 4 hours. This option is great for people who need quick results.


rt-PCR with expedited result delivery

rt-PCR test with results delivered within 1 hour. We dedicate a lab technician to your sample to ensure it processes quickly and you get your results within 1 hour. This option is for people who need immediate result. 


rt-PCR with travel letter

rt-PCR test with results delivered within 90 minutes and a special travel letter required by some countries. YOU are responsible to determine if your destination accepts our test and we cannot be responsible for your travel requirements. Please check with your destination country for details.


Test Results Notice:
All medical tests have the potential for both false positive and false negative results. If you have symptoms and test negative, we highly recommend that you obtain a subsequent test. We cannot change the test characteristics of the testing platform we utilize. All of our tests have been granted Emergency Use Authorization from the US FDA. Please be aware that we do not issue refunds if you are not happy with the results of your test.

Insurance Notice:
Please note that we do not participate in any insurance programs. We will give you the codes you need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please indicate on your forms that payment should go to you and not us. If your insurance company sends us a reimbursement check, we will deduct a $25 processing fee from the amount we send you.

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